Beyond Jouk Li Jou – Jouk Li Jou Pi Devan –



We need to raise $12,500.00 to pay for our ambitious arts and education program for our senior Jouk Li Jou students. By increasing economic opportunities for young adults and helping them start and grow businesses, they can obtain meaningful employment setting them on a path to independence with their artwork and careers. The program kicks off this month and continues throughout the year.

Your dollars will help pay for:

  • Certificate training at trade and professional schools
  • College tuition for Naderge
  • Airline luggage fees to bring computers and supplies
  • Lodging and food for our Haitian staff
  • Transportation and gas for the team
  • Technical equipment and computer maintenance
  • Small business and computer workshops
  • Membership to the Alliance Francaise library
  • Field trips to colleges and businesses
  • Expansion of micro-loans for students run small businesses
  • Expansion of our student run Postcard Business
  • Upcoming Photography Exhibitions
  • Jouk Li Jou Kan Foto book

Supplies Needed:

  • 10 PC Laptops to trade with Alliance Francaise in exchange for free classesThank you Cobaltix!
  • Working Mac laptops
  • Working iPads and Tablets – we have 3 (thanks Erin!)
  • 6 External Hard Drives
  • 30 thumb drives – We have 20 thumb drives-thank you Cobaltix!
  • Duffel bags for supplies and Messenger Bags for students
  • 5 DLSR camera Kits – body, lens, bag, image cards – We have 1 kit so far (Thank you Gordon!), and another nice Canon kit for Djimmy (our star student in Cite Soleil who desperately needed an upgrade)
  • 10 megapixel (at least) good working Digital Point and Shoot Cameras – We have 4
  • 20 – 8 gig or larger SD cards – We have 10 cards
  • AA Batteries for cameras and electronics
  • 6 packages of ink for Epson PictureMate Printers @ $ 40.00 each
  • 1 compact Epson Inkjet Printer and ink cartridges for letter size documents (printing resumés!)
  • Mosaic Tools, Paint Brushes, oil paints