Help us fundraise for this unique learning experience for young adults in Haiti. Our students are getting older and need to learn skills that will help them earn a living. Be a part of positive change!


We need to raise at least $7,500.00 to pay for our 5th annual 10-day Youth Photo Camp in Jacmel, Haiti. Your dollars will help pay for current business endeavors, airline luggage fees, lodging and food for our Haitian staff and visiting students, press badges for photo students and volunteers, transportation and gas for the entire team, t-shirts, technical equipment and computer maintenance, our outdoor slideshow community celebration and presentation, local printing for business class workbook, fees to artists making our banners and signs, and all supplies listed below.

– Duffel bags and camera bags – we’re good for camera bags for now
At least 8 good working PC and 3 working Mac laptops – we have 14 PC’s (!) and 2 Macs
– 4 External Hard Drives and 2 universal card readers – we have 2 hard drives
35 thumb driveswe have the thumb drives!
Badges and T-shirts – we’ve got the badges and every student gets a Press Pass badge this year!
Sponsor four Cité Soleil advanced students – $1,200 covers food, lodging and transportation for allThank you Avanse!
Sponsorship for Naphtalie from Port-au-Prince – $300 covers food, lodging and transportationThank you Avanse!
– 33 Working decent Digital Point and Shoot Cameras and any DLSR cameras (we have 3 extra Canon lenses looking for Canon bodies) – we have 32 cameras!
– Portrait Studio supplies: 2 Strobe Lights and wireless syncs, 4 reflectors, 8 clamps
Postcard Display Racks we have two racks!
– Large canvas sheets to be painted for backdrops – we received 2 seamless backdrops
– 2 Epson PictureMate Compact Photo Printers – PM 300 @ $300.00 each
6 packages of ink for Epson PictureMate Printers @ $ 40.00 each
– 200 AA Batteries for cameras
– 40 – 2 gig or larger SD cards – we have 33 SD cards
40 Compact Reporting Notebooks and pens for Students we have all the notebooks and pens
3 Portfolios – each will have 20 prints for advanced photographers – 
– ADDITIONAL ITEMS FOR KIDS AND ARTISTS: tubes of oil and acrylic paint, paint brushes, beach balls, soccer balls, dominos, balloons, colored chalk