We have an awesome community! The entire Zanmi Lakay team is thankful to all of you for supporting our youth programs in Haiti and especially during our annual campaign for Jouk Li Jou Kan Foto! We’d rather be in Haiti working with our outstanding students, but to get there we need you…and you came through!

Now that our fundraising goal is successful, we’re on our way back down with enough optimism, supplies, gear, cameras, computers, and gumption doing what we love  – getting together to bring resources and learning experiences to transitional youth from Port-au-Prince, Cite Soleil, and Jacmel. Other youth organizations have taken notice and asked if we can include some of their kids in our program. We’ll have three new students this year – one from Port-au-Prince, and two from Espoir des Enfants in Jacmel working together with 30 advanced students from our partners at Art Creation Foundation for Children (ACFFC-our base camp too!) and Cite Soleil.
———————————–JLJ 2015 Poster

All of our volunteers work hard and sometimes we get discouraged, but then our community rallies and the kids blow us away with their creativity and talent and thirst for knowledge and we know we’re doing the right thing.

Thank you for believing in us and your continued support. I’m sure I missed a few of you who donated throughout the year, gave cameras, SD cards, equipment and other needed supplies and funds. Please know that every single donation gets put to good use and we are so grateful to all of you. Mesi anpil from the Zanmi Lakay Team! 


Jouk Li Jou 2015 Supporters List


Avanse Ken Kobre and Betsy Brill Kristin Adair
Hayley Gotelli Judy Skov David Yussen
Chris Beale Marcia Settel and Dave Gilson Craig Fujii
Jason Doiy Diana Malin Edna Lee and Michael Hart
Susan Bradley Laurie Scott Shelley Eades
Erin Tormey Cartridge World of San Francisco Tony Kelly
Eva Martinez Linda Honeysett Tracy Sherman
Allison Davis Jennifer Usherr Jeanine Martini
Allen Sullivan Susan Horst and Fred Borg Kathy and Stan Booker
Cassandra Beckman Widay Debra Gloria Bill Bollendorf
Christian and Julie Ryvlin Nancy Paulford Mark Langan
Connie Duke David Guralnick and Susan Tam Ellen Goldstein
Peter Smith Anne Etheridge Frank and Jackie Walley
Greg Wright and Vahlee Peters Cammie Toloui Mindi Haden and Peter Westra
Kerry Rodgers and Mark Olson Sonny Piputtanaveschaisal Amelia Hansen and Paolo Vescia
Suzanne Beatie Leila Gordon Josh Curry
Amanda Amburgey and Hubert Saintil Lewis Watts Louise and Keith Bilter
Gertrude Allen Dorothy Skinner Robert McCockran and Annette Osenga
Maggie Evans Natalia Zamarripa Tom DeRego
Valerie Saunders Hugh Eckert Jim and Lisa Cheek
Lari Mussatti Thomas Walsh Ann Humphrey
William Caulkins Ali and Cara Nesser Winnie Caulkins
James Fox George and Susie Cheek Dr. James Van Sicklen
Cobaltix Clif Bar Judy Huang and f'real foods
Terry Milby Elayna Yussen Steve, Annika, Ethan, and Sue Hahm Walker